Humans are mostly populated in Midland, Northern Fjord and some live among the islands in the Marea Sea.

Human Kingdoms

  • Valerians - Valerians reside on Western Midland. Nicknamed the "Center of the World" known for it's capital city, Valerius. The massive city holds the largest known Shard of Power. Valerian Royalty were tasked by the Keepers to safeguard the Shard.
  • Naeus - Kingdom of Naeus lies between Valeria and Atura. This kingdom is smaller in size but they live in the border region which allows them access to both regions. Naeus 
  • Borealians - These humans have lived North of Midland since the paradise city Elysia was abandoned. They welcome all outsiders to their capital, Niflheim. The Borealian King was tasked with defending the region against any invaders with intent to destroy Yggdrasil. Dwarves and Elves live in this region.
  • Marean Tribes - Multitude of seaborn and port tribes who travel between Midland and Hara trading between humans and haranae elves.
  • All humans follow a caste social hiearchy.

Human bonuses are being worked on.

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