Silvan Elves

  • Silvan - Primary and biggest kingdom of Elves. Lignum = Capital of the Elves. They're features are more silver length and lighter skin tone hair. They reside in an area of Eastern Midland called Atura.
  • Nixan - Nixan elves live in harmony with Humans in Nilfheim and are much more adept at cold environments. They are apart of Borealian Kingdom's history and assisted in the founding. They came with Borealians when Elysia fell.

Harenae Elves

  • Caylor - Nomadic Desert Elves who reside in the Hara.
  • Dacian - Another harenae tribe that lives near the coastland between the Hara and Midland. Dacians are more likely to be friendly to all races.

Elves do not have a difference in bonus. What elf race is playable may also change.

(More information coming soon)