Swashbucklers come from many different backgrounds. Orphans, poor peasants and many other less fortunate join gangs and sellswords to learn to fight as Swashbucklers. Swashbucklers use their speed and strength to dodge attacks and deal high amounts of damage. Swashbucklers are usually looked down on in society. Swashbucklers may continue their life of crime or some find their way into noble courts as hitmen or advisors. Swashbucklers learn from both criminals and mercenaries alike. The experience they garner from these groups help their fighting style become unique and effective.

Class Mechanics

      Swashbucklers rely on a buff called Momentum. This buff provides a small bonus to critical strike and evasion. Using focus to generate Momentum stacks for both damage and survivability is the key to an effective Swashbuckler. Choosing wisely between abilities that consume Momentum stacks is the second mechanic to keep in mind. Swashbucklers also have abilities to gain a burst of Momentum at the start of combat. With buffs that provide high evasion and enough area of effect threat generation, Swashbucklers make for amazing evasion offtanks.

Stats - Level 1 Stats + per level gain.
HP: 3300 + 21
Focus: 100
Mana: 0 + 0
Strength: 45 + 2 (Secondary)
Dexterity: 35 + 1
Agility: 45 + 3 (Primary)
Intellect: 15+ 1
Wisdom: 5 + 1
Fortitude: 35 + 1
Resolve: 25 + 1


  • Fleetfooted - Swashbuckler gains 30% movement speed and 40 evasion for 10 seconds. Cooldown: 25 seconds.
  • Arc Slash - A frontal strike dealing weapon + 3 as slashing damage to any enemy target hit. For each target hit, gain 1 Momentum, inflict 20 threat. Gain 12 focus. Cooldown: 4 seconds.
  • Nimbleness - Grants 4 Momentum stacks immediately. Momentum grants 4 evasion, 4 physical crit, and 2% movement speed for 30 seconds and stacking up to 12 times. Cooldown: 22 seconds.
  • Whirlwind - A spin attack dealing weapon + 10 as slashing damage to enemy targets within 7 meters. For each target hit, gain 1 Momentum. Gain 16 focus. Cooldown: 6 seconds.
  • Sand Attack - Consume 1 stack of Momentum to throw sand into the target's eye, blinding them for 10 seconds. Blinded targets miss all physical attacks. Cooldown: 30
  • Eye Gouge - Consume 1 stack of Momentum to incapacitate a target for 45 seconds. Damage will awaken the target. Cooldown: 42 seconds.
  • Luck's Gambit - A power attack stunning the enemy for 6 seconds and dealing weapon + 32 as slashing damage. This attack deals an extra 180 true damage if the enemy is already stunned from a power attack.. Cooldown: 18 seconds.
  • Fulcrum Swing - Consume 2 stacks of Momentum to inflict weapon + 55 as slashing damage. Cooldown: 0 seconds.
  • Downward Spiral - Consume 4 stacks of Momentum to inflict weapon + 105 as piercing damage. Cooldown: 5 seconds.
  • Ultimate: Honor Among Thieves - Granting max Momentum stacks, grants 50% attack speed, and 50 evasion for 25 seconds. Cooldown: 600 seconds/10 minutes. Shares a CD with other ultimates.

Class Advancement Choices

Rogues - Deal even more damage with strikes that ignore defenses and attack speed buffs.
Fencer - Attacks grants parry. Consume parry buffs to deal extra damage based on how many parry stacks you have.