Acolytes are trained by the Disciples of Kael. They are a religious order that handles all personnel who serve the Holy Church. The Holy Church is the primary religion among many humans of Astaria. They worship Kael and are broken into different sects in order to handle different issues that arise. Acolytes start their training by serving within the Holy Church as mostly scribes. By reading the scriptures and copying them over, scribes become invigorated with Holy Magic. At the age of 17 and a fasting, the scribes are appointed to Acolytes. After a ceremony, they go on to serve the world as missionaries and healers. They go on to assist towns with performing sacred funeral rights as well. Acolytes are also trained in mostly defensive holy magic. Acolytes are permitted to defend themselves as they see fit with any weapon or offensive holy magic.

Class Mechanics

      Acolytes utilize their support skills to grant Gospel stacks on friendly targets. Gospel provides a small defense increase to the target and allow the Acolyte to consume Gospel stacks off friendly players for powerful short buffs. A good acolyte will manage their mana very carefully during combat as to not run out when the fight is still going.

Stats - Level 1 stats + gained per level.
HP: 2600 + 18
Mana: 700 + 20
Focus: 100
Strength: 35 + 1
Dexterity: 20 + 1
Agility: 20 + 1
Intellect: 45 + 2 (Secondary) 
Wisdom: 55 + 3 (Primary)
Fortitude: 30 + 1
Resolve: 15 + 1


  • Lesser Divine Shock - A spell dealing power + 40 holy damage over 20 seconds. Stackable up to 3 times. Cooldown: 0 seconds.

  • Light Mending - Restores 140 health over 20 seconds and gains 1 Gospel for 60 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times. Cooldown: 0 seconds.

    • Acolyte support skills also grant Gospel. Gospel increases a target's physical/magic resistance by 3 for 60 seconds and can stack up to 6 times.

  • Lesser Mercy - Restores 400 health to the target and gains 2 Gospels for 60 seconds. Cooldown: 4 seconds.

  • Gospel Aegis - Consume 1 Gospel from the target. Target is immune to damage and effects for 3 seconds. Cooldown: 24 seconds.

  • Gospel Fervor - Consume 1 Gospel from the target. Target is infused with increased 50% critical strike and 50% attack speed for 6 seconds. Cooldown: 18 seconds.

  • Leap of Faith - Acolyte teleports to a friendly target, friendly target also receives 2 Gospels for 60 seconds Cooldown: 30 Seconds.

  • Light Mercy - Restores 1200 health to the target and grants 4 Gospels for 60 seconds. Cooldown: 12 seconds.

  • Holy Repentance - Deals power + 60 holy damage to the target and if lesser divine shock is on active on the target, the target is slowed by 80% for 8 seconds. Cooldown: 22 seconds.

  • Blessing - Increases fortitude by 10 for 45 minutes. Cooldown: 12 seconds.

  • Ultimate: Judgement of Kael - All players within 35 meters of the caster heal for 500 hp instantly and 500 hp over 10 seconds. All players also receive max Gospels and +50% physical/magic resistance for 10 seconds. Cooldown: 600 seconds/10 Minutes.

Tier 2 Advancement Choices

Choice 1: Priest - Focusing on even more supportive skills, Priest uses more support oriented abilities that grant gospel to the target and friendly players near the target. These abilities are mostly power buffs that increase another player's effectiveness for just a couple crucial seconds.
Choice 2: Monk - Using Chakras, Monks can deal damage while healing simultaneously by activating Chakras that explode mystic energy. Ki abilities cause to Chakras to heal/damage or buff/debuff.