Story Summary


The three Demi-gods of the universe—Kael, Pontus, and Terra—joined their omnipotent powers to create the world of Astaria. This new world shared the unique characteristics of each of the three planes that the all powerful demi-gods resided in. Slowly but surely, the demi-gods and their children began to co-exist within this new realm. Elves, dwarves, humans, elementals, as well as many others lived and prospered alongside one another in harmony. However as time passed, a sinister mist of darkness crept over the land, and loomed over the thriving world. This destructive obscurity began to consume and corrupt the innocent hearts of many victims, resulting in violent wars and prolonged famine. As The Darkness gained excessive power from its malicious influence, it began to manifest its demonic energy into multiple physical forms known as Demon Lords and Dark Spirits. These ungodly abominations possessed the ability to control the corrupted and lead armies of pure chaos. The demi-gods, oblivious and concerned as to what caused this onslaught of destruction, began to turn on eachother. Kael and Pontus clashed over the vast skies of Astaria. After a drawn out battle, both gods mortally wounded each other and fell back to their own planes; consequently beginning the physical destruction and downfall of Astaria. With Terra as the only demi-god left in the once prospering world, she sacrificed her remaining powers to create the Yggdrasil Tree—a massive beacon of life rooted deeply into the realm, keeping the whole of Astaria from breaking apart. However, as the Darkness presently advances towards the Yggdrasil Tree, Terra’s powers steadily wanes as well. The only glimmer of hope left resides in the now awakened individuals scattered amongst the world. That last ray of hope is you. Who you are and what you are is unknown, but your fate and origins are there for you to discover in the world of Astaria.