Website is officially up!

Website officially launched!

The website is up, though it's been up for some time. We're just ready to announce it now! While there may some areas that are still under construction, these areas will come over time. Big thanks to "The Crappy Gamer" for helping us get this going. Any positive comments, feel free to shoot it his way.

What we're currently missing:

  • Roadmap
  • DevBlog - It's actually aready just needs the very first post to be done.
  • Forums
  • Expanded "Story of Astaria"
  • Some "Coming Soon" to be completed.

But we're hoping to wrap up most of these by the weekend and overtime add some more as they're needed. You can let us know about any errors via PM's on discord or forums when they're up. Check here for announcements as they come.

Game Updates

Astaria is still under heavy rework but the upgrade to Unity 2019 has been successful. This allows us access to tools for faster development and optimization. Although we're on schedule, some real life complications (I got hit by a fever and currently moving to a new place) has forced us back a little ways. We'll see how this affects our scheduling for the first test. More to come as we announce it.

You can still purchase Astaria on our site at the topright corner to receive the game key a day early.