Stress Test 1 - Rough Start

Even though we several hours later than we thought, we're finally here. Stress test servers are live as of 9:34 pm PST and the steam update should be pushed shortly.

Emergency Hotfix ETA 11:45pm PST:

  • Fixed invisible monsters
  • Removed a sizable portion of trees from Meotr.
  • Fixed spawn issue with not properly spawning in Meotr.
  • Fixed NPC's not properly spawning inside Meotr.
  • Squire and Archer Abilities should now reflect to what they actually are.

Astaria v0.71 Patch Notes (incomplete)


  • Low end machines with integrated cards should now at least be able to enter the world and play. Though with potentially low framerates varying on the machine.
  • System requirements for 16gb of ram has been reduced to 8gb due to the memory leak fix.
  • Performance gains across all computers should be improved from 10% to 75%
  • Using updated Hardware and backend for the server. Stablity and performance should be awesome.
  • Login screen and character lobby has been reworked to better fit client performance.
  • Loading screens have been introduced.
  • Old Valerius has been removed. Smaller temporary 16km2 Valerius has been introduced for the stress test. Old Valerius is undergoing major rework to better reflect the size and performance.
  • More performance friendly Trees have been swapped out.
  • Improved lighting that uses less GPU has been implemented increasing performance on only SOME machines.


  • UI Overhaul did not make stress test 1. Minor elements of the UI have been streamlined and fixed.
  • Nameplate over monsters will not make stress test 1 and may likely not make stress test 3.
  • The ability to access the Auction House anywhere has been disabled.
  • A notification will now display when you level up! Along with a temporary particle effect and sound effect (Thanks to Scott)
  • The ability to turn down the ambient noise and music now works properly from the settings menu.
  • A minimap was added but certain parts are not working. Minimap will receive a fix later on.
  • New Class Icons have been implemented but not fully.


  • All classes have received reworked stats to make up for the talent tree not being available yet.
  • Beginner loadouts have been reworked.
  • Potions now provide massive healing but have their cost and cooldown to reflect it.
  • Bounty Quests are now available for the stress test, these should provide some content to do while exploring the World.
  • Crafting Professions are in but have been axed from Stress Test 1.
  • First "rare" items have been introduced into the drop tables.
  • All monsters now have proper loot tables. Drop rates require some testing.
  • Damage coefficient for Squire, Archer and Acolyte has been fixed to properly reflect growth.
  • Proper stat names have been introduced. More details will be posted in Test 2 about what each stat does.
  • Combo Stuns are now working as intended.


  • Block was removed.
  • Windrunner has replaced Steady Hands. Provides 40% movement speed for 10 seconds.
  • Aim Shot now properly procs any combo stuns for additional damage.
  • Concussive Shot has been turned into a combo stun that now shares that same cooldown as Aim Shot.
  • Agility has been introduced and increase Archer dps alongside Dexterity. Dexterity with raw power and Agility with critical strike.
  • Archer now starts with a Training Wood Bow and some Linen Clothes.


  • Overhead Smash now procs combo stuns.
  • Block has been temporarily removed. Heightened senses should work fine in place of it until we reimplement block for Squire.
  • Squire now gains 2 strength per level, up for 1. Squires start at 50 strength.
  • Strength has been reworked to also increase your parry chance.


  • Acolyte will come by Test 3 or Steam EA Launch.
  • Acolytes will receive an animation make over this week to make them ready.


  • Mount Flutes have been disabled. Mounts will return in the future when they're ready.
  • First cape items have been introduced. Capes will go on a "Back" slot that has been introduced.
  • Two new "rare" items have been introduced into Astaria.
  • All monsters now drop a mix of crafting materials, junk, regeants, ammo and have a very low chance to drop potions.
  • First iteration of crafting resources have been introduced into the drop tables.
  • Wooden Arrows have been implemented for Archers to gauge arrow consumption and how players work with limited ammo. This will likely get more love as we find more data. You can stack wooden arrows up to 140.
  • Weight and Durability has been introduced across the board as the first pass on logistics.
  • New armor models have been implemented for Leather and Plate. Sorry clothies, not yet.
  • Sword of a Thousand Truths now exist within Astaria.


  • New monsters stalk the land. Some unkillable with current means.
  • First Champion and Fiend Tier monsters have been implemented but will be tough to find.
  • Most monsters hang around in the same spawn area for now, monster far pathing has been disabled on most. Except the Champion Tier and Fiend Tier, they still roam far from their spawn.
  • Monster movement speed has been reduced to better appropriate the slow time to kill.
  • Time to kill for low level monsters have been reduced while high level monsters and higher tier monsters have received buffs.
  • Ents have been temporarily disabled.
  • Goblins now come in two variants.
  • Certain monsters can now heal themselves when hurt.
  • Specific monsters will now stun you and potentially combo stun you. This happens rarely as it is entirely random at this moment.
  • Threat has been reworked so now if you generate the same amount of aggro as a Tank, you will not pull aggro unless you are within melee range.

Happy hunting! Test 1 will be extended an extra 24 hours. I will now retire and re-edit this page when I'm not dead.