Patch Notes - v0.81

Astaria v0.81

Patch Notes


  • Target bug has been fixed temporarily by removing the targeting ring due to not so performance friendly effects.
  • Proper full frustum culling now in effect increasing performance majorly. Game is now GPU heavy instead of CPU.
  • Monster models have been completely optimized to not affect performance.
  • Graphical blurs and issues have been fixed. The game looks a lot more sharper now.
  • Known Issues: Shadows have been disabled on Trees and rocks.


  • A compass has now been added to the top of player screens. A marker was added to Erinhart to help players find their way back.
  • Buffs now properly show up.
  • Layout has been reworked.
  • Certain elements recolored.
  • Names now properly show up for all players without being affected by post processing.


  • Recall has been added to all classes. Cast Time 10 seconds. Cost 100 mana. 90 minute cooldown. Takes you back to Erinhart.
  • Starvation now properly reduces movement speed by 75% and negates your defenses completely. You gain starvation when you hit 1 stamina.
  • Erinhart now has an enterable tavern called the Dragon’s Graveyard that has a Bar Maid vendor. This tavern also regenerates stamina, mana and health slowly overtime for being inside it. This is meant to serve as a resting area and also a hang out place to meet other players.
  • Experience has been adjusted across the board to reward more players.
  • New Goblin variants have been introduced.
  • NPCs are no longer white boxes.
  • Skinning animals is now possible and will reward Animal scraps and a low chance at animal skin. These will be used to create leather on the next update that allows leather working.
  • Monsters damage output lowered, more time in between attacks.
  • New Bounty Quest to match the new monsters.
  • Run Nao the Person Slayer now resides in the world.
  • A mercenary leader named Boliath the Bo Cheng now resides in Erinhart. [Quest not implemented yet]
  • Prices on various items have been adjusted.
  • Drop tables have been adjusted to improve the life of players.
  • Bows and Spears now leave “Punctured Defenses: Reduce physical defense by 2% per hit. Stacks up to 5x.”
  • Swords and Axes now give the user a 3% attack speed buff that stacks up to 5x.
  • Maces and Staves now reduce the enemy strength and intelligence by 2% stacking up to a max of 5x.



  • New Ability: Hit the Artery - Squire hits the target in an artery for weapon damage + 160 over 20 seconds.
  • New Ability: Cross Slash - Attacks the enemy dealing 200% weapon damage and healing you for 60hp.
  • Piercing Gaze is now obtainable at class level 3 instead of 1. Piercing gaze now has a skill description.
  • Testudos now properly makes you immobile.
  • Blitz now has a cooldown of 16 seconds. You travel a little further with Blitz.
  • Most skill descriptions have been fixed.



  • Now properly spawns with a bronze short blade. Make a new archer if you want to get one or buy one from a vendor.
  • Bronze Short Blade: If a target gets close, the archer will use the blade to strike the enemy as an auto attack.
  • New Ability: Entangling Arrow - Fires an arrow dealing weapon damage and rooting the enemy for 8 seconds.
  • New Ability: Thermite Arrow - Thermite tipped arrow fired to deal 120 fire damage over 8 seconds. This ability deals an extra 180 if the target is rooted.
  • Skills have had their damage properly adjusted to match their use.
  • Animation fixes, not all.



  • Changed the time of day to an earlier time.
  • Fixed some buildings not properly set to the ground.