Final Stress Test Dates

Astaria Test Schedule

Hey all! We know many of you want to play Astaria but the game wasn't where we wanted it to be. Especially with the updates we did for optimization. The first test gave us a big idea of where the client optimization stood and that was our priority. The content we've been working on was slowed down due to this and the focus was to get the game more stable and low end pc friendly without sacrificing visuals. With that being said, these test we provide are mainly to test client optimization and provide server side data. These tests are in no ways a demo or a good representation of the final product. This is a test BEFORE the steam early access launch. So it's basically a pre alpha test. Here are the three test dates.

Test 1
Start: May 29th - 4:00pm PST
End: May 30th - 4:00pm PST

Test 2
Start: June 1st - 4:00pm PST
End: June 2nd - 4:00pm PST

Test 3
Start: June 5th - 4:00pm PST
End: June 10th - 12:00am PST

Each test has their periods and reasons for length. We originally wanted to extend the test dates a little more but due to limited manpower and time, we will probably stick to these schedules. If you'd like a steam key for the test periods, please reach out to Proverbs on Discord.

Limited Time

As of recent, my day to day job has started back up and the month that I've requested off to work on Astaria has ended last week. I apologize if there is periods of lack of communication but balancing work, Astaria and life is tough. I'm running on a big lack of sleep at this moment and it's difficult to get around to things. Hopefully as we get into the flow and hammer out the core functionality of Astaria, we should see our developer updates and first developer video posted soon!

Once again, thanks for following the development and dream of Astaria!