2021 Roadmap!

Hello Players,

I'm here to announce the 2021 roadmap. I apologize about not saying too much outside of discord but I didn't want to announce anything until I was sure that I was ready. First, development for Astaria has never stopped, just slowed down here and there. I'm here to announce a few things.

  • Everything for for Open Core Alpha 1 is ahead of schedule.
  • Open Core Alpha 1 is free for everyone.
  • I'd like the community to vote on when OCA 1 releases and here are the options.
  1. OCA 1 releases 01/22/2021, some content will be cut but released every few days until 02/12/2021. Squire, Acolyte, Swash and Archer will be available. Chemist a few days later.
  2. OCA 1 releases 02/12/2021, all content will be included.

Full list of what's included into OCA 1 will be available next week. Please vote via the Discord to let me know what you guys would prefer!