Our primary goal: Community

Astaria's design philosophy prioritizes uniting all players into a single Community that is friendly, cohesive and social. We want to build more than just a game, we want to build a strong Community.

Player feedback and Polls

We value player feedback immensely. Developers will attempt to engage as much of the community as possible through all medians. One of our current focuses is putting in a player "Poll" in game to allow players to vote on changes and features.

Encouraging solo players to play in groups

Astaria will try and nudge you into interacting with other players. Don't be scared! Our game promotes players to help each other. We do this by making design choices that make it easy and efficient to interact with other players.

  • No Group Penalty Experience - By removing this, Players don't have to be scared of losing experience or slowing down their leveling speed. We want players to enjoy their time with others.
  • Combos - Players will require other players to help activate combos for bonus damage and effects that are a staple for dealing damage.
  • Mostly Group Content - Other MMORPG's have group play in dungeons or raids only. Here, monsters are so difficult that most of the game requires you to party up to level.
  • Gear Progression - Gear is tied behind what crafters have and what resources you have. Monsters rarely drop gear but more commonly drop materials. This forces players to seek crafters.

Strength in Unity

The power creep is extremely low here as opposed your standard MMORPG where players can grow very powerful. We've introduced many aspects that make the game challenging.

  • Linear Power Gain - Astaria will use a linear power gain for progression. We intentionally made every player weak, while giving massive power spikes when playing cohesively. This elevates teamwork over individual skill.
  • Powerful Synergy - Players are immensely more powerful when grouped together, executing combos, tactics, strategies, and more. The game makes you more powerful when grouped and synergizing.

Guilds are important again!

We focused quite a bit on players grouping on a small scale but we wanted to take it a step further, Guilds. Players will soon realize there is much more to it than combos and party combat. Astaria goes deeper into battlefield tactics and grand map strategy.

  • Certain aspects of the game like Headquarters are only accessible by Guilds.
  • Guild Leaders will need to communicate as much as needed in order to coordinate the manpower of guilds in different areas to be most efficient.
  • As players control more territory, holding them requires more people or require more efficient player distribution.
  • Guilds help decide the entire movement of the server. This will be mainly due to the territorial system.