Many countries, kingdoms, cities or even some smaller settlements have a training barracks headed by a Knight Captain or a Highlander Captain. These Captains accept youths sent by their parents or orphans who request to be trained into the arts of battle. Many youths start as early as 5 years old. They train for years and even begin participating in battle with reserve units at the age of 14. Despite different races having different cultures, squire training has remained largely the same. Squires from all over value the strength, honor and endurance. Squires undergo an extreme physical training regiment that starts at 12 and lasts until their 16. The Knight Captain or Highlander Captain begin weeding out anyone who can't physically pass. These drop outs end up either serving as lowly foot soldiers or militiamen for villages. If Squires complete their training, they're given the choice to serve in an army, apprentice a knight, or seek training on their own. Squires are trained in being able to stand their ground against even the largest foes making them extremely resilient.

Class Mechanics

      Squires are primary main tank of Astaria. They are the only class to be able to take blows from Large monsters. They are designed to tank a single target or two. They are the only class that can activate complete damage/effects nullification on their own. They rely on focus as a resource instead of mana. Cut the Artery helps maintain damage and allows other skills to be comboed into generating focus or threat. Squires also gain two types of stances to use during combat. Activating a stance can also provide a very strong but short buff and also have effects that can be maintained indefinitely.

Stats - Level 1 Stats + per level gain.
HP: 4000 + 25
Focus: 100
Mana: 0 + 0
Strength: 50 + 2 (Secondary)
Dexterity: 20 + 1
Agility: 30 + 1
Intellect: 10 + 1
Wisdom: 1 + 1
Fortitude: 50 + 3 (Primary)
Resolve: 35 + 1


  • Bull Rush - Squire rushes forward 20 meters, gains 10 physical resistance for 10 seconds and stuns any targets along the way for 2 seconds. Cooldown: 22 seconds.
  • Cut the Artery - An attack aiming for an exposed Artery, causing 140 physical damage over 20 seconds. This attack generates 40 threat and can stack up to 2 times. Cooldown: 12 seconds.
  • Challenging Gaze - The squire gazes down an enemy, generating 150 threat. Cooldown: 12 seconds.
  • Cross Slash - An attack that creates a cross cut on the enemy dealing weapon + 80 as slashing damage. If the enemy is affected by Cut the Artery, this attack generates 20 focus. Cooldown: 14 seconds.
  • Focused Swing - Focusing on nothing but the next attack, the squire strikes hard dealing weapon damage + 20. If Cut the Artery is active, this skill deals an extra 60 damage. Cooldown: 0
  • Shield Bash - [REQUIRES SHIELD] The squire stuns the enemy for 6 seconds and if another power attack hits, it will activate the bonus effect. If the target is stunned from a power attack, this attack deals 100 true damage and generates 150 threat. Cooldown: 30 seconds. Shares CD with other power attacks.
  • Shield Block - [REQUIRES SHIELD] Raising the shield to completely negate damage and effects for 3 seconds. During this time, the squire cannot move. Cooldown: 20 seconds.
  • Stance: Protection - Entering Stance: Protection grants damage immunity for 4 seconds. Increases physical/magic resistance by 20% for 1 minute or until stance is changed. Cooldown: 25 seconds. Shares a CD with other stances.
  • Stance: Skirmish - Entering Skirmish stance provides 20% attack speed for 8 seconds. This stance increases strength by 12 but reduces your physical/magic resistance by 35% for 1 minute or until stance is changed. Cooldown: 25 seconds. Shares a CD with other stances.
  • Ultimate: Live With Honor - The squire induces a battle trance that increases physical/magical resistance by 250% and 100% crowd control immunity for 20 seconds. Cooldown: 600 seconds/10 minutes. Shares a CD with other ultimates.

Class Advancement Choices

Knight - Knights specialize in using shields and one handed weapons to deal extra damage while maintaining their sturdiness. They also have access to crowd control attacks by spending Focus.
Highlander - Highlanders use two handed weapons and dual wielding to parry attacks. They can also enter more damage focused stances by sacrificing mitigation. Highlanders gain health from using abilities.